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Community Maintained Packages for Atom


Once you have installed an IDE language package, this should work right away.

Screenshot of AutoComplete feature


linter and linter-ui work with ide packages, letting you know what's wrong in your file.

Screenshot of Linter feature

Signature Help

No more looking up API docs: automatically get function signature docs in your editor.

Screenshot of Signature Help feature


The docs you need, when you need them. Hover or cursor to a name to show floating data tips.

Screenshot of DataTip feature


Browse the structure of your code at a glance.

Screenshot of Outline feature

Go to Definition

Jump to a name's definition. Navigate large codebases with ease.

Screenshot of Go to Definition feature

The original objective of the Facebook Nuclide / Atom-IDE project has been to provide extension packages for the Atom Editor to interact with custom Language Servers via the Language Server Protocol to enable IDE like functionality in our beloved editor.

The original package was made of various "subpackages" that provide the overall functionality and were always build and released in a monolithic extension (aka atom-ide-ui).

The objective of this project is to take over the concepts and ideas in the original atom-ide-ui package, but provide individual extensions that can be developed, released and installed independently.

We will start with the most important features, and iterate on them quickly to come on par with the functionality available in the atom-ide-ui package.


We have published our current roadmap on Github for you to check and provide feedback to us.